Life Without God.

Life Without God.

Without God, the human condition is a sad, lonely, and desperate state of affairs.

We, the human race, long and strive for a better existence. We are hard wired to long for better conditions, a more fulfilling existence, a life without fear, pain, and suffering.

But alas, as much as we try, as much as we long for things to go well, our existence is usually sub par. Sure we have good times, but these are almost always followed by bad times.

If this is all we have to look forward too, a few “good times” followed by a slow degenerative death, why do we do it? What keeps us going? I assert it is our drive to better our circumstances, that forces us to keep moving down the path that ultimately leads to death. Once we accept that we are going to die and never get the satisfaction that we long for, we continue for the sake of the next generation, hoping they will find the satisfaction that we all long for in life.

I believe that if we long for these things, if we long for a perfect existence, it is my assertion that logically this means that we are programmed or designed for a perfect existence. If we were not capable of living in a perfect environment, we would not have “evolved” to long for it. If it is not possible, then we would be happy with the way things are. We wouldn’t fight so hard for a satisfying life. We would just “devolve” to a chaos existence, survival of the fittest, and that would be fine with us. Because that’s all we would be able to understand.

The fact that we long for a perfect, fulfilling, existence means that we are designed and are capable of experiencing it.

With this in mind, seeing how far most of us fall short of ever achieving the fulfillment we so long for, it only makes logical sense that death is not the end. Something comes after. It must, if death is the end, why continue. “The only serious question in life is whether to kill yourself or not.” – Albert Camus.

Sorry about that, that was quite depressing. But that is the way I see things most of the time. Maybe I’m just depressed most of the time, but I don’t think so. I’ve lived on this planet long enough to see that this fatalism exists in every social and economic level of society. Some people just choose to ignore it, some people try to dull the pain with alcohol or drugs. Most just get on the tread mill and try to make a good living. Some see the pain and suffering of others and work hard to make things better for their fellow humans, these are my favorite people by the way, they look more at the suffering of others and less at themselves. I think this is a great example of Godly intervention. This is not natural, our natural state is one of selfishness, if someone can put strangers needs ahead of their own needs, that’s not natural and opposes everything evolution teaches about “survival of the fittest”. Whether these people believe in God or not, it’s obvious to me that they are used by God.

With all of this in mind, how does God fit in? I believe we were designed, by God, to live in a perfect world, to feel fulfillment and contentment in life. I don’t think that this is possible on this planet in this time, because of sin. Sin is the curse that has infected this world. God created us to have fellowship with Him, we chose, as a race, to turn our backs on him, causing his perfect creation to be flawed.

God also designed us to have free will, we can choose to commune with Him. Sure he could have forced us all to commune with Him, but that’s not what he wanted. He wanted people that, of their own free will, chose to be with Him. Now comes the rub, you can not give a free people the choice and then keep them from making bad decisions or hurting others. When we, as a race, chose to turn our backs on Him, the result was that all of nature (our world) was tainted by our sin.

So now we have a people that was designed to live in perfect harmony with their creator, stuck on a cursed planet, where nothing ever quite works right. The result is frustration as we strive for the perfect existence in a place where it is not possible. And God helps us as much as possible without messing with our free will, or the cursed planet that we live on.

God, knowing that we would not choose Him, still wanted us, so he made a plan. The plan was The Messiah, who I believe was Jesus the Christ. God needed one of His created to live a sinless life, to choose of his own free will to commune with God. None of us could ever fulfill the requirement, so God sent a part of Himself in the form we could understand, and called Him His Son. So Jesus came and lived a perfect life, taught everyone to love one another and upon His death, took the punishment for ALL of our sins upon himself.

This is the hope that we have as Christians. The hope that the promise of the next life will be fulfilled. In the next life through Jesus, we will be able to truly enjoy our existence instead of just tolerating it as we do here and now. Truly enjoy and feel total satisfaction with everything we do. This will be a glorious existence.

So when everything looks hopeless, look to Jesus, remember his promises for the next life, and continue to work your way through this life. This is the basis of faith.

If you’re on the fence about Jesus, I would encourage you to research His life, without the trappings of what the popular culture says about Christians and the Church. Read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) ignore what you “know” about Christians, and do your own research.

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