Sales should never be confrontational

Sales should never be confrontational.
I’m not talking about the actual sales call, I’m talking about your attitude as a sales person.

I’ve known some people who are in sales, who approach the job as an “us vs. them” situation. This is the wrong attitude. If your attitude is “how can I trick the customer into buying?” or “what can I do to get the customers deposit today?” Or even “how can I get a sale today?” You’ve got the wrong focus.

Your focus in sales should always be “how can I serve the customer best today?” “What product or service would best help my customer today?” Even if the product or service is not one you offer, maybe the best thing for the customer is to buy from someone else?

Be less worried about “closing the deal” and more worried about helping your customer.

It takes time to establish your reputation as one who really cares about the customer, but once you have that reputation, you will never lack for customers willing to buy from you.

I think one of the major problems in the sales field, is managers who expect a new salesman to start producing large sales right away. It takes time to get to know the customer and to truly understand their needs.

If you approach sales as a partnership with your customer, not a competition, you will be successful.

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