Our form of government was specifically designed to be in-efficient.

Our form of government was specifically designed to be in-efficient.

It was designed with three branches, each one to balance out the others. It should be hard to go to war, it should be hard to pass a law. If war is warranted, all three branches should agree. If a federal law or regulation needs to be passed, all three branches of government need to agree, at least in the majority. This is the least efficient way to conduct business. But that is a good thing.

The three branches were designed to prevent one branch from gaining to much power. The three must find ways to work together to get anything done. It’s really quite brilliant.

With that being said, why would anyone want an organization, that is designed to be in-efficient, to run or operate any agency that should be concerned for the customers best interests.

By design the government can not have good customer service, it can not put its operating funds to the best use for the benefit of its customers. Again, because it was designed to operate in an in-efficient manner.

If we as a nation decide that we want the federal government to run our healthcare, our retirement plans, our college education, etc. be fore warned, it WILL be in-efficient, it WILL take forever to get anything done, customer service WILL be terrible.

Now, let me clarify what we have now is broken, and needs fixed. But it will get worse if we expect the government fix it.

If you want to know why the healthcare industry is so messed up there are some clues in one of my previous posts: Free Market Capitalism 

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