Gardening Your Life


There was once a man who bought a plot of land to build his home. After building his home, he looked around at the rest of the land, and in one section he saw a particular spot that was very over grown with weeds, brush, and trees. He thought that would be a great place for a garden, obviously plants grew well in the soil in that spot. So he began to work on cleaning up this spot of land. Over the course of a few years he had cultivated a beautiful garden with wild flowers of all kinds, a waterfall with a small pool, and a small pergola with seats for relaxing in the meticulously manicured garden. He truly enjoyed the space and worked every day to keep it looking fantastic.

One day while the man was working on his garden close to the road, a priest from the local church was walking by, saw the man and said to him, “Wow, God has certainly blessed you with a beautiful garden.”  The man thought about that for a minute and said “You are certainly correct about that, but you should have seen it when He had it all to Himself.”

God does not do it for you, He gives you the raw materials for a fantastic life, it’s up to you to transform them into something beautiful.

I originally heard this story while listening to Lead the Field by Earl Nightingale, it’s worth a listen.

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