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How to get a free round trip air fair ticket in the continental USA every year.

Warning: If you have trouble with credit card debt, this strategy is NOT for you.

If you like to travel but are really having trouble spending the money for air fair, this might be a good idea for you to try.

As you probably already know most airlines have mile earning programs, usually when you fly you earn miles that can be turned into free upgrades or free tickets at some point in the future. And most of you know that you can also earn miles through using credit cards, but usually these are all done on different accounts so you can not combine the miles and unless you travel extensively for work you usually never get around to accumulating enough miles to ever get you anything, or maybe ever four or five years you might earn enough miles to get a free ticket. This is basically what we (my family and I) have been doing for years.

What I’ve recently discovered is I can earn a whole lot more miles by just combining my flying miles with my credit card miles. For the rest of this example I’ll be using American Airlines for reference, simply because this is who we use. With the American Airlines Advantage Program you earn miles when you fly, but you can also get a credit card that is attached to your Advantage account. With this credit card every dollar you spend will earn you one mile. Now this is where it gets interesting. If you are disciplined enough there is no reason that you can not run all of your house hold expenses through this credit card. The key is to set everything up to be paid online and when you make a payment for say your utility bill, you immediately pay the same amount to your credit card, this way you never have any interest charges. Obviously if you start paying interest on your credit card every month,  then the whole thing falls apart, I guarantee you if you’re paying interest every month, you will more than pay for a ticket every year.

Now as it stands with American Airlines, 25,000 miles will get you a round trip ticket to most anywhere in the continental USA. This is depending on timing of course, sometimes it’s more expensive, but if you plan and are a bit flexible, 12,500 miles gets you one way to any where in the continental USA. Now using these numbers, is it possible that you spend $25,000 a year in household expenses? If so, you’ve earned a round trip ticket. Even if you don’t spend $25,000 a year, ever two years is not bad either.

It can get even better is you own a business, most small businesses will spend more than $25,000 a year that could be charged on a credit card. If you own a business do the math, look at your expenses, if your spending $25,000, $50,000, or even higher, why not earn some free trips in the process. All it takes is a little discipline to make sure your paying off the credit card, and if you do it at the same time as paying the bills, it’s really quite simple.  By the way as it stands now 50,000 miles will usually get you a round trip ticket outside of the continental USA. My last trip to Japan cost me about $50 in taxes and fees.

More Disclaimer: I can not stress enough that if you have problems with credit card debt, DO NOT TRY THIS. A free ticket is not worth getting further in debt. Also there is never anything that is truly “Free”. Even the “free” tickets have taxes and fees that you will need to pay, but it’s usually not very much. Please do your research, check with your favorite airline, read all the fine print, the credit card may have yearly fees, there may be limits to the amount of miles you can earn, your miles may expire if you do not use them in a certain amount of time. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before committing to anything. And also remember that if you choose to do this you will be stuck with whatever airline you choose, so make sure you like them. Not all airlines are the same, some do not use the $1 to 1 mile equation.  Some credit cards limit the number of payments you can make online, so you might need to do some planning. I know with a lot of credit cards 50,000 miles will get you $500 towards your ticket, so again make sure you do your research.

J. McDairmant: As per most of my posts: there is really no reason to listen to me, I’m just a man with a beautiful family and a business. Do your own research. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂







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