Golden Oriole Katana

The Golden Oriole Katana by Hanwei is a fantastic cutting blade. I have owned this blade for a number of years and have been very happy with it’s performance. It’s a moderately light blade, but is very sharp and fast. I’m a fairly large guy and always thought that I would want a heavier blade, but as soon as this blade was in my hands I knew I was going to like it. The memory of the first cut I made with it still brings a smile to my face. I took it out of the package unwrapped it and just had to cut something. We had one tatami mat in the dojo (left over from previous cutting), I had one of the guys hold it out straight (horizontal), I held the blade maybe 18″ above the mat and just let it drop (not wanting to cut anybody by accident), it cut through the mat like butter, I felt very little resistance. Like I said earlier I have been very happy with this blade.

Buy it here: CAS Hanwei Golden Oriole Katana

The CAS Hanwei Golden Oriole Katana has a sharpened hand tempered steel blade. The stunning tsuba is cast metal with an antique copper finish with brass and gold hightlights of the mantis stalking the cricket while being stalked by the golden Oriole.  The CAS Hanwei Golden Oriole Katana is hand forged from 1065 high-carbon steel using traditional Japanese clay methods.

The overall length of the Golden Oriole Series katana is 42 1/4 inches long.  The blade is 27 1/4 inches and .28 inches thick.  The handle of the Golden Oriole Series Katana is 13 3/4 inches.  The katana weighs 2 pounds 3 ounces.  The balance point is 4 inches.  The thickness of the tip is .26 inches with a width of .85 inches.  The guard width is 1.16″ and .32″ thick. The CAS Hanwei Golden Oriole Katana is sharpened, battle ready and has a wooden scabbard with blue lacquer finish.

The story told by the stunning tsuba is of a mantis stealthily stalking the cricket, unaware that he is himself being stalked by the Golden Oriole. The deeply lacquered blue of the saya is repeated in the Japanese cotton tsuka-ito, and the Oriole appears again on the kashira. Unmistakably Hanwei quality, the 14″ tsuka of the katana gives a superb balance to the sword, allowing it to move very quickly and very freely.


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