Balance, Distance, Timing.

The tag line for this blog is “Balance, Distance, Timing”. I chose these three words because in the martial arts, these are very important. Most people mistakenly think martial arts are about speed and power. Speed and power are great, when you are young, but they tend to diminish as you get older. If you have ever seen a true martial arts master (someone who has spent 60-80 years studying the martial arts) they don’t look like they are moving with speed or power, but they are still throwing younger, stronger and faster practitioners around like rag dolls. How are they doing this? They have mastered Balance, Distancing, and Timing. I think the same principles apply in business. When you are young or just starting in business, you can work 80 hours a week, and sometimes you have to if you want to keep the business alive. But as you get older or the business gets more established you learn to work smarter. You learn where to cut out the fat, you learn how to make more money with less effort. This is a lesson I am just starting to understand in my business, but understanding and applying in real life are two different things. Having come through the recession of the last few years (mainly due to the fact that we as a business had virtually no debt, but that is a story for another post), things are starting to look up again and I have learned many lessons from the past 4 years on how to “cut the fat” or how to work smarter. I am still putting in way more hours a week than I would like, but I am still relatively young, and I don’t feel all that bad about it considering I had to start over 10 years into my journey. So my intention is to have the theme of “Balance, Distance, Timing” throughout my posts, whether this actually happens remains to be seen. So in closing there are always ways to work smarter instead of harder, but you have to practice, just like the martial arts, you MUST put in the time training. Training in the martial arts involves  a whole bunch of getting knocked down and getting back up again. Training in business is the same, get out there and do it, and get back up, and then do it again, and then get back up again….

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